Infoblox acquires IID to combine threat intelligence
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Acquire, fuse, and deliver threat intelligence


Real-time big data clarity for actionable cybersecurity intelligence.

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DNS Services

Automated, collective intelligence to provide serious protection for your DNS infrastructure.

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A fast, thorough, hands-on response to Internet-based threats.

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Coordinating your threat intelligence data should be easier.

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A culture of curiosity. An ethic of diligence. A passion for what’s right.

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ActiveTrust Data

Quality threat intelligence you can put to work right away.

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Efficient threat indicator research. Faster answers. More context. Better decisions.

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2015 Ponemon Study Released

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Security Central

It’s easy to be overwhelmed by threat intelligence. The sheer volume and alerts generated can swamp an IT staff. So the thought of adding even more data sources can make your head spin. All this data is supposed to make us more secure, but it can just be more complicated.

We are the experts leading the way in distilling conclusive, reliable data from many trusted sources, and delivering timely, usable information the way you need it, when you need it, allowing you to easily repeat the process.

ActiveTrust is the best way to acquire, focus and deliver your threat intelligence.

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We created ActiveTrust, one of the largest commercial threat intelligence networks, to collect, focus and deliver clear, actionable data to Fortune 50 companies, state and federal government entities, top security experts, law enforcement at every level around the world—and now, you.

ActiveTrust accelerates big collaboration on a global scale, with the speed and ease of social networking. You get timely, concise security intelligence you can act on, distributed through a private, peer-based platform.

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A culture of curiosity. An ethic of diligence. A passion for what’s right. That’s what drives the cybersecurity experts and veteran technologists behind IID. Our executive team consists of globally respected thought leaders who help guide government policy and play prominent roles in industry associations.

Mark Foege

Vice President of Marketing

The “tricks” of winning—persistence, goal setting and overcoming adversity—are as valuable to Mark today as they were playing college football.

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Sharing Threat Intelligence

IID CEO, Lars Harvey, talks about the importance of sharing cybercrime threat intelligence.

IID in the News

Infoblox Acquires IID for $45M to Bolster Network Security

“In addition to a machine-readable threat intelligence feed, IID also has a cloud-based platform for threat intelligence federation, according to Andersen. With the IID cloud platform, customers and organizations can share threat intelligence, which is another large opportunity for growth at Infoblox, he said.”