There’s no barrier strong enough to protect against the volume and velocity of today’s Internet threats. Cybercrime syndicates have learned to share data and technology, evolving tactics faster than retroviruses. They’re competing for your customers, your data, your stakeholders — and they’re winning.

That’s why we created ActiveTrust, the big data solution for Internet security. By uniting and exchanging intelligence we can shift the odds back into our favor.

One tool, one look

Dossier, a feature of ActiveTrust, gives you instant access to threat research data from dozens of premium data providers and databases. All in one screen, all in real time, ActiveTrust’s Dossier tool streamlines repetitive and tedious source searches with everything you need — in one dashboard.

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Fast answers

With one login, you’ll see intelligence across the security spectrum, including premium and open-source data. Answer red-flagged threat indicator questions in seconds, with multi-resource perspective, with one-click simplicity.

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Efficient intelligence delivery

ActiveTrust delivers normalized data, threat analytics, and big data apps and services directly into your infrastructure, all at network speed.

Data you can act on

You’re probably buried under more threat data than you could ever analyze, verify or understand. ActiveTrust cuts the noise and allows you to clearly see the data you need, now. Whether you’re concerned about nailing APTs, blocking exploit drops, tamping down DDoS attacks, or finding banking Trojans on your network, ActiveTrust delivers the insight — and data — you need. In crisp, clean form.

Fast dissemination

High-value threat data is too often trapped in silos or buried in proprietary solutions. ActiveTrust sets that data free, microcasting the latest live intelligence at network speed. You instantly benefit from everyone’s experiences, as they quickly learn from what you’re seeing.

Data-enabled apps and services

ActiveTrust collects, fuses and “app-ifies” machine-level data to power a wealth of apps, services and data analytics. You’ll plug into an active ecosystem for everything from threat monitoring and external mitigation to firewall auto-updating and incident response.

When you feed ActiveTrust data into the gear you already have, your existing security investment instantly gains value. ActiveTrust handles the heavy lifting of format conversion, so whether you’re using the latest STIX/TAXII standards or even just CSV, you’re covered.


Easy, broad-based collaboration

If we all knew together what each of us knows individually, there would be a lot fewer exploit opportunities for bad actors. ActiveTrust gives you the knowledge, vigilance, and support of an entire security community — a vetted, broad-based membership dedicated to collecting, exchanging, and analyzing information.

More is better

ActiveTrust arms security professionals with clarity and insight based on live data from across the security ecosystem. Secure social collaboration makes sharing insights, best practices, tactics and more safe and easy.

Coordination across organizations

The future of cybersafety is information exchange. ActiveTrust is used for sharing and collaborating between U.S. government agencies, enterprises, researchers, security professionals and law enforcement. It can even facilitate interdepartmental sharing between silos.

Professional connections made easy

ActiveTrust gives you the professional connections you want and the social collaboration tools you expect — such as groups, searching, file sharing, wikis, instant messaging, event posts, polling, and more, all geared to the needs of the security community.

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