Our Story

We’ve earned trust, built credibility and grown relationships by helping protect enterprises, governments and infrastructure providers. Now, we’re using our experience, connections and vision to take Internet security to the next level.

ActiveTrust provides new ways to connect, collaborate, automate and mitigate. All powered by the collective intelligence of security experts, agencies and authorities. IID is security central, and ActiveTrust is the engine driving new efficiencies, accuracy and speed.


We’ve collaborated on a daily basis for almost two decades with governance and guidance organizations, law enforcement, ISPs, and other Internet security experts and groups around the world—to detect and mitigate threats and to protect assets, brands and users.

We put those connections and that hard-earned trust to work every day for our clients,  including top financial firms, the largest U.S. government agencies, leading e-commerce companies and social networks. With ActiveTrust, our clients gain access to clear, actionable data as they share threat intelligence on a global scale.

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Who We Are

CEO Lars Harvey explains IID’s vision, mission, and core values in the video below.