Jason Atlas

Vice President of Engineering & Technology

Finessing umami or patent law, driving a CBR F2 or $5BB in V1 sales, Jason is never still, always amused. Quirky genius always fits right in at IID.

Jason Atlas manages day-to-day operations of the technology development team at IID. Prior to IID, he served as the Senior Director of Engineering and Product Development at Motricity where he oversaw a 150-person development team across three continents that was responsible for the core content delivery platform for companies such as Verizon Wireless, AT&T Wireless and Virgin Mobile. Prior to that while at Microsoft, Atlas oversaw the development of a platform used by over a billion logins a day across all Microsoft online properties to protect people’s accounts and online reputations. Atlas was also previously the Director of APS and SAAS Technologies at Parallels, and Director of Media Technology at Bloomberg. He holds multiple patents in the software, business process and distributed architecture spaces. Atlas has a BA in Political Science from Vassar College, a masters and PhD in computer science/public policy from The University of Washington, and an advanced degree in technology management from MIT.