Your reputation, brand and customers are under constant—and continuously evolving—Internet-based attacks, including fraud, credential stealing, financial theft, data breaches and APT threats such as DOS and zero day attacks. Our ActiveTrust Mitigation service provides a fast, thorough, hands-on response to these threats, with both site takedowns and the managed removal of fraudulent content. We’re very experienced at driving quick resolutions.

Our Security Incident Response Team (SIRT) initiates and oversees takedowns for significant Internet-based threats, such as phishing, malware distribution, malware controllers, parasites and stolen data distributors. The SIRT detects and mitigates threats around the clock, with over 150 dedicated analyst hours across every 24-hour day, including weekends and holidays—which equates to six analysts working every minute, every day of the year.

Our Content Removal Team helps resolve trademark violations and other brand abuse issues. While these issues might not qualify for high-priority threat mitigations, we understand the importance of protecting your brand—so we act as your advocate, communicating removal requests to site owners and providers.

We already serve the world’s largest banks, social networks and ecommerce companies with our mitigation services—and we’d like to help you, too.

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If our team has reached out to you as part of a mitigation operation, you may want to learn more about our qualifications:

IID’s Mitigation Credentials


A proven process

Our 24/7 Security Incident Response Team (SIRT) tracks threats from initial detection through mitigation. Before mitigation begins, each threat is reviewed and rated by our analysts to ensure an accurate, appropriate response. The SIRT then takes immediate action, relying on strong working relationships with thousands of service providers around the world to resolve threats quickly.

Securing your Internet presence is a complicated process, with over twenty classifications of Internet threats such as phish, malware, mules, parasites, stolen credentials, 419s, evil DNS servers and malicious apps. We partner with many third-party phishing feeds and receive thousands of potential threat URLs every day. Inbound live feeds of URLs flow directly into our automated site rating and harvesting systems.

Our analysts work actively with site owners, registrars and ISPs, providing alerts for threat issues and pushing to remove fraudulent files quickly. When a service provider requires more information than we can provide, we act as a liaison between your organization and the provider to facilitate speedy resolution.

Best forensic practices

Our analysts fully catalog each mitigation, capturing and recording key indicators including graphical screenshots, source code, domain and IP whois data, country of origin, provider of focus, threat classification and incident type. We manage a complete case management workflow that captures contact records, notes and other relevant details for every customer mitigation. We also identify, time-stamp and log all actions and responses in our incident database.

A powerful portal and API

Our customer portal features:

  • Threat submission (for analysis of potential threat-related URLs)
  • Mitigation action orders (the ability to order site mitigations directly, without the delay of email-based systems)
  • Threat notifications
  • Detailed reports of case and mitigation data
  • A threat dashboard (including statistics from previous mitigations)
  • Settings, preferences and other account configuration details

Our ActiveTrust API speeds up threat responses, strengthens protection and saves time and money by automating interaction with your legacy systems. The ActiveTrust API enables existing software platforms with:

  • Secure RESTful API (custom-configured secure API access)
  • Automated threat submission (for streamlined analysis of threat-related URLs)
  • Automated mitigation (the ability to order site mitigations without manual work, emails and delays)
  • Data access (easy, automated access to threat and mitigation attributes, indicators, classifications, properties, status and more)

For complete machine-to-machine automation details, ask for the ActiveTrust API guide.

To learn more, contact us at 888-239-6932 ext 4091 or

ATsales (at)

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