CYREN is a leading provider of cloud-based security solutions that deliver powerful protection. CYREN’s GlobalView™ Cloud is fueled by patented Recurrent Pattern Detection technology to deliver Web Security, Email Security, and AntiMalware solutions with uncompromising protection in both embedded and security-as-a-service deployment models.


Malicious IP Intelligence Feed

The Malicious IP Service provides information on hosts discovered by CYREN in the last 24 hours that are infected by malware and in active use as ‘zombies’ by botnets.  Malicious IP data includes bad IP addresses, along with the types of malicious activity associated with each address.

Phishing Intelligence Feed

The CYREN Security Lab extracts suspicious URLs from the billions of transactions processed each day. The resulting threat data is processed with unique heuristic rules to isolate phishing threats and detect malicious websites.  By doing this, harmful sites are recognized and flagged in near real time.

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