We’re stronger together


Accelerating big collaboration for actionable cybersecurity intelligence.

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ActiveTrust Hub

The social network for threat intelligence.

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A fast, thorough, hands-on response to Internet-based threats.

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The bad guys learned to connect, exchange, and collaborate for a reason: it works.

But now it’s our turn.


A culture of curiosity. An ethic of diligence. A passion for what’s right.

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DNS services

Serious protection for your DNS infrastructure.

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Threat Intelligence

Investigating, analyzing and validating threat data.

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Welcome to
Security Central

Once upon a time, you could raise the drawbridge, bar the gates, and hope to stay safe. But that day is over.

Exchanging threat intelligence is the next wave of Internet security, and we’re the experts leading the way. We’re at the center of an interconnected global network that’s making the world safer—and we’re far stronger together than we are apart.

There’s more of us than there are of them.
And now we’re working together.

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ActiveTrust is a private, interconnected global network that we created, bringing together Fortune 50 companies, state and national government entities, many of the world’s best security experts, law enforcement at every level around the world—and now, you.

ActiveTrust accelerates big collaboration on a global scale, with the speed and ease of social networking. You get security intelligence you can act on, exchanged through a private, peer-based platform.

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A culture of curiosity. An ethic of diligence. A passion for what’s right. That’s what drives the cybersecurity experts and veteran technologists behind IID. Our executive team consists of globally respected thought leaders who help guide government policy and play prominent roles in industry associations.

Bob Dunne

Vice President of Sales

Kick off an unforgettable sales meeting with Patton, Rocky, Elvis or a high-wire act. Or just shoot Bob from a cannon. He’s all that and more.

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Sharing Threat Intelligence

IID CEO, Lars Harvey, talks about the importance of sharing cybercrime threat intelligence.

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